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Denyo in Development of Generators Free of CO2 Emissions - Hydrogen Engines for the Generators Procured from Kubota​​

28th September, 2022

See a Press Release by Kubota Corporation​​​​


Denyo, one of the leading manufacture of generator in Japan, has begun development of a dedicated hydrogen generator* equipped with an industrial hydrogen engine pioneered by Kubota. This research and development project is striving to release this generator to the market in spite of the challenges arising from related laws and regulations as well as the preparation of hydrogen infrastructure.

* A generator using only hydrogen as fuel to produce absolutely no CO2 emissions.​​​

  • As its initiatives for carbon neutrality in engines, Kubota has been researching engines for industrial machines that have greater fuel efficiency as well as application of carbon-free fuels such as hydrogen, bio, and synthetic.
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From Kubota Engine Discovery commemorating 100 years of Kubota Engine
"Magazine: Imagining Engines of the Future: We Want to Fuel the World"

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