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Announcement of new electrically controlled small-displacement diesel engine​​

March 24, 2021

See a Press Release by Kubota Corporation​

Kubota’s first small-displacement diesel engine by electrically controlled.​
Black smoke is reduced to an invisible level by adopting Kubota’s new combustion system: TVCR.​

D902 D902

Kubota has developed the new 0.898L industrial diesel engine “Electrically Controlled D902” which is the first electrically controlled engine output less than 19kW. It has the unique common rail system developed for small displacement engines with Kubota’s new combustion system “TVCR”. The engine will be ready for EPA Tier4, EU Stage V, and China NR IV standards which are scheduled to come into effect in December 2022. Kubota will strengthen the lineup by introducing this engine, which is compatible with a compact size that allows for replacement from our conventional product.​

Mass production is set to begin in 2022.​

Outline and Features of Electrically Controlled D902​
  • (1)Suppress emissions of black smoke​
  • (2)Low-fuel consumption​
  • (3)Acquisition of engine operation data and improvement of drivability and work efficiency​​
  • (4)Installation compatibility with the conventional model​
(1)Suppress emissions of black smoke​

Black smoke emission has been suppressed to an invisible level even during start-up, acceleration, and sudden load. It will be ready for China Smoke III.​​

(2)Low-fuel consumption​

It realizes 5% improvement of fuel consumption from the conventional model. ​

(3)Acquisition of engine operation data and improvement of drivability and work efficiency​​​
・It enables to communicate on CAN by electronic control. Both of the rotation and torque of the engine can be controlled by signals of vehicle. ​
・It enables to acquire driving data of engine necessary for telematics technology via CAN.​
・Its drivability and work efficiency are improved by suppressing rotation reduction at sudden load by its torque characteristics that could not be achieved by mechanical control.
(4)Installation compatibility with the conventional model​

It can be easily replaced from the conventional model since external dimensions, intake and exhaust position, engine mount mounting position and PTO are the same with the conventional one.​​

Displacement​ Number of cylinders Output Governing Combustion system
0.898L​ 3 18.5kW Electrical control TVCR

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