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Micro Hybrid Micro Hybrid

Expect "big" benefits from
"Micro" Hybrid

What is Kubota engine Micro Hybrid Technology?

Kubota Micro Hybrid Technology is a system installed with a 48-volt motor generator – in place of an alternator – using electric power only when intermittent overloads need to be handled.
A motor-assist function is used to supply 10kW of electrical boost power when needed for intermittent "big" loads, so you can select an engine with output to match the frequently used low to medium load range, together with electric power to compensate for infrequent intermittent overloads.
You don't need to rely upon a large displacement engine for your peak power anymore.
Micro Hybrid brings more flexibility and better efficiency to industrial machines!

The 3 “Big” Benefits of Micro Hybrid Technology

Your Reliable Quality Our Longest Experience

“Big” Benefit 1

Reduced Fuel Consumption


Kubota Micro Hybrid Engine is ideal for applications that require intermittent overloads such as forklifts, road rollers, sweepers and other non-highway machines used in work sites.
Until now, the only choice available was a large engine for handling intermittent overloads which make up only a fraction of the entire duty cycle.

Kubota’s same footprint engine history with emission regulation conpliant

Kubota Micro Hybrid Technology
uses a motor generator which provides 10kW of electrical boost power when needed for intermittent “big” loads. This means that you can downsize your engine while maintaining the same level of performance of a larger engine.


As an example,
our 3-cylinder Micro Hybrid engine
will achieve the same level of performance
as our conventional 4-cylinder engine.

Kubota’s same footprint engine history with emission regulation conpliant

The Kubota Micro Hybrid technology adds value by reducing both your fuel consumption and running costs.
The economic advantages for both application development and the end-user are tremendous.

Your Design Diversity Our Widest Selection of Engine

“Big” Benefit 2

Minimal Development Manpower

We extend the Ash cleaning interval to 6,000 hours*4

Consistent with the Kubota electronically controlled engine, the Micro-Hybrid technology is designed to be compatible across our fuel range.

 The oil change interval was improved to 500 hours. *5*6

As Kubota Micro Hybrid technology does not interfere with power take-off positions on the engine, it can be applied to existing applications and applications under development as well.
And you can count on Kubota to propose the necessary parts as a package to convert your engine to Micro Hybrid. There’s no need to make any design changes to your machine.

Your Customers' Loyalty Our Highest Levels of Support

“Big” Benefit 3

High Torque, High Response

 The oil change interval was improved to 500 hours. *5*6

Micro Hybrid Technology delivers the quick response that's unique to motors.
The high torque boosts work very efficiently.
Kubota Engine Micro Hybrid Technology offers “big” benefits even for end-users of industrial machines.