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Kubota For Earth, For Life

The New Kubota 09 Series



NewsNew 2020.03 Kubota develops large-displacement diesel engine - Entering into the 300hp segment -
NewsNew 2019.02 Kubota becomes first Japanese winner of “DIESEL OF THE YEAR” with its new V5009 engine.
NewsNew 2018.11 Kubota develops large-displacement diesel engine for Chinese market.
NewsNew 2017.03 Kubota unveiled its first diesel engine above 200 hp at CONEXPO

kubota,the answer

Kubota V5009, providing you with great flexibility.

Kubota is now expanding its product line-up to meet diverse needs
for construction and industrial machinery. Production will begin in 2020 but the engineering
support starts before to customize the engine to your application.

Low Fuel Consumption

Low Fuel Consumption

High fuel efficiency is achieved with optimized combustion.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

One-side maintenance
and automatic belt tensioner
enable you easy maintenance.

High Power Density

High Power Density

Compact 4-cylinder engine offers
157.3 kW high power.

Emission Compliance

Emission Compliance

The Kubota 09 Series engine complies with EU Stage V and EPA/CARB Tier 4 Final.

Engineering Telematics

Engineering Telematics

Quickly visualize the conditions of
your engine by data to contribute
your faster development.


Diesel V4309

Diesel S7509

kW/HP 228.4 / 306.2*1 rpm 1900 Emission EPA/CARB Tier4 + EU Stage V

Diesel V5009

Diesel V5009

kW/HP 157.3 / 210.9*1 rpm 2200 Emission EPA/CARB Tier4 + EU Stage V

kW/HP 129.4 / 173.5*2 rpm 2200 Emission China Non-Road Ⅳ
( below 130kW Category )

*1.Gross intermittent SAE J1995 *2.Net without fan ISO 14396
Diesel V4309

Diesel V4309

kW/HP 115.7 / 155.2*1 rpm 2200 Emission EPA/CARB Tier4 + EU Stage V +
China Non-Road Ⅳ

Model Name:V5009-TIE5
  • Horizontal
  • Diagonal

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Kubota,The Answer

Kubota,The Answer 1/3

EU StageV ready

EU StageV ready 2/3

The KUBOTA 09 Series

The KUBOTA 09 Series 3/3